2020 Cranberry Nougat+Pineapple Cake Gift Set


Stimulus package(2020/7/15-2020/12/31):
Cranberry Nougat 250 G/box + Pineapple Cake Gift Set 7pcs/box NT.700


Pastry chefs only use imported high-quality Hawaiian macadamia nuts and carefully selected cranberries to make these delicacies. After repeated experiments, WTC Café has attained the perfect recipe that yields the firm.

WTC Café use Golden Diamond pineapples to make the filling which yields the perfect balance of flavors. All pineapple cakes are handmade with no preservatives and no additives, just the simple flavors of natural ingredients.

WTC Café season-limited pineapple cake and cranberry nougat is a classic festive gift.


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